Got Food and Water ??

WATER and FOOD are critical to sustaining life.   Ask yourself these simple questions:


· What would happen if a disaster or emergency interrupted the food supply to your local grocery store for an extended period of time?


· Would you have enough food and water on hand to feed your family if no food was available for a week, a month, or possibly a year?


Any person who goes to the grocery store routinely sees that prices are rising and the food budget is taking a larger and larger chunk of the family budget.  Wouldn’t be great if you could prepare your family’s food supply to cover an emergency and hedge inflation by becoming more self reliant when it comes to food and water? 


This page has information to assist you with answering these questions and more.  The left side of the page includes items related to preparedness and on the right you will find self  reliance information. Enjoy!!!


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Prepare for the worst…….

……...hope for the Best

Self Governance and Self Reliance are the Roads to Individual Freedom

Food Storage





Water Storage


Food Preservation

             USDA Home Canning Documents

             Food Preserving Self Study Class

Food Preparation and Cooking



Water Purification and Acquisition

Food Storage Requirements and Guidelines.pdf
LDS Preparedness Manual.pdf

Using Your Grain Mill




Cooking with Food Storage Items




Gardening Resources


Montana Vegetable Garden PDF
Planning a Vegetable Garden PDF
Home Vegetable Gardening PDF
Composting Guide.pdf
Safe Food Storage.pdf
Food Storage in the Home.pdf
Build a hand pump for your well.pdf
Ideas for Cooking from Basic Food Storage.pdf
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water.pdf
Alternative Cooking Methods.pdf
Develop a Water Storage Plan.pdf

Food Storage—Getting Started:


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