This group is dedicated to EXPOSING THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM by educating citizens about the tools, tactics, and motives used to destroy our republic and erode the Constitution.  To protect our liberty, citizens must understand our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Our goal is to raise awareness of internal and external threats to Americans, our traditions and our liberties, and to provide Mission Valley residents with the information needed to educate themselves on the following subjects and more:


¨ Taking personal responsibility—“We the People” are our own worst enemies - how our apathy and ignorance contribute to our country’s problems.

¨ Uncovering local issues that impact Montana’s sovereignty and individual rights

¨ Understanding the cancer of progressivism in both  political parties, at all levels of gov’t

¨ The Federal Reserve—If it’s not federal, and it’s not a reserve, then what is it?

¨ What is sustainable development, and is it good or evil?

¨ Does radical environmentalism enhance or erode property rights of Montanans?

¨ Are our children being indoctrinated, and is parental authority being undermined?

¨ The legislative branch—is it irrelevant?

¨ Political theater—how it distracts Americans from discovering the real enemies of freedom

¨ The Courts—does legislating from the bench impact the Constitution and freedom?

¨ Exposing other threats to liberty

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Phone:  (406) 626-3007

Enemies of Freedom

Know and Understand the Enemy:


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topics covered at our community meetings.  Contact us if you are interested in holding a meeting at your home with family and friends:


The Federal Reserve

UN Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development

Council on Foreign Relations & United Nations

Globalism / World Governance

War from a Different Perspective

Have we Lost our Moral Compass?

An Uninformed Citizenry


Other Subjects:

The North American Union

The Healthcare Law and You

The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention


(PDF Document) Sun Tzu - The Art of War
Uninformed CitizensUNITED NATIONS