Lesson 1: The Philosophy of Liberty


We must gain a basic understanding of the foundations of liberty to protect it.  Watch this short video to get started.

The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. This simple animation will explain exactly what that means. It's a great tool anyone can use to educate children and adults about our right to life, liberty, and the property we create , and our responsibility to think, speak, and act


Lesson 2

Michael Badnarik’s
Constitution Class

This isn’t the average cut and dried Constitution class.  It gives you the basics about the Constitution, but also helps you begin the process of thinking about how our rights have been infringed upon by our government for a very long time.  We must understand these concepts in order to restore our personal freedom and the freedom of others. 

This class is 7 sessions of approximately 1 hour each.  Set a goal to watch 1 video per day to complete the class in a week.  Enjoy!!!

Constitution Class


Our Founding Documents


Civic Responsibilities



The Founding Documents and Civic Responsibilities group exists to find pathways to restore our country back to the Constitutional Republic envisioned by our founders.  We will accomplish our mission through education, and encouragement of self reliance, personal responsibility and civic engagement.

Our nation is confronted with many critical problems two of which are citizen disengagement and lack of civic education.  As Americans, we value and cherish the ideals of a Constitutional republic, yet many reports confirm that far too many citizens do not understand the basic workings of our government.  The result is our corrupt, bloated and overreaching government.

Our goal is to educate citizens about the Constitution, our founding documents, and responsibilities as citizens.  We believe a  solid understanding of Constitutional principles will enable us to hold all politicians, regardless of their party, accountable to upholding their oath to the Constitution. 

A solid understanding of our founding principles and our sacred duty as citizens will also serve to strengthen individual, state and federal sovereignty.

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Civics Quiz

Civic Literacy—Are you more knowledgeable than the average citizen?  Take the civics test below to find out.  The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%, college educators scored 55%.  Can you do better?  Click on the link below for the American Civic Literacy Program.

Civics Quiz

How this Works:

This section of the website is based upon the premise that you are willing to take responsibility to learn what it will take to restore our freedom and our country back to the Constitutional Republic envisioned by our founders.

To offer suggestions or improvements to this page, contact us at

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Food for Thought: 

Allodial Title

Do you ever really own your house and land?

Allodial title is a concept in some systems of property law. It describes a situation where real property (land, buildings and fixtures) is owned free and clear of any encumbrances, including liens, mortgages and tax obligations. Allodial title is inalienable, in that it cannot be taken by any operation of law for any reason whatsoever.


In common legal use, allodial title is used to distinguish absolute ownership of land by individuals from feudal ownership, where property ownership is dependent on relationship to a lord or the sovereign. Webster's first dictionary (1825 edition) says allodium is "land which is absolute property of the owner, real estate held in absolute independence, without being subject to any rent, service, or acknowledgement to a superior. It is thus opposed to feud."


Want to Know what our Founders intent was with regard to the Constitution?  Read these:

Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers


Too much to read and not enough time?

Set a personal goal to read one paper a day

Lesson 3

Admiralty Law, Common Law, and the Sovereign



Do you know how your legislator’s voting records stack up to the Constitution? 


"The Freedom Index" rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.

Click below to download the most recent index (PDF)


111th Congress 4 of 4

Check out the link below to see how

fiscally conservative our

Montana representatives are:



Our Moral Compass: 






How government is

tying the hands of our churches




112th Congress Update 1
112th Congress Update 2