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Is America a Sheep or a Goat Nation?

II Corinthians 3:17

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.'

In the beginning - sounds like Genesis doesn't it?   It is the genesis of our country.  It is it's beginning.  It's foundations.  Much of our history is being changed by those who want a strictly secular society to create the impression that our country has always been this way to keep Christians from having a firm foundation legally to keep our nation and its laws God centered.

Not every colony started as a Christian based society.  The ones who succeeded and had influence on the foundation of our country were though.

Each founding father had their personal relationship with Christ.  Did they agree doctrinally on all issues concerning their faith?  No.  They were adamant about being able to follow God to their own conscience.  

Hence, the reason for our Constitution being written as it was to secure the freedom to seek and follow Him according to that conscience.  

The focus and purpose of this nation in the beginning was always to be God centered and God focused.  The federal government was not to favor any certain doctrine or denomination.  States, however, could and did.  Each State had laws that stated to be involved as a government servant a person had to declare their faith in Christ.  It was a Christian nation, that made room for others, but not for evil.

Up until a fifty years ago, Presidents regularly called our nation to fasting and prayer.  They recognized the need for God's intervention in the affairs of our nation.  

He has promised if we humble ourselves (fasting), and return from our wicked ways (repent) and pray, He would hear us and heal our land.  Christians in certain circles are still calling for this and many are responding.  It has not been done on a national scale for too long.  Our pride in our own endeavors has become too obvious.  It is in our weakness that God becomes our strength.   As long as we profess our own ability to handle our situation, He will resist us for God resists the proud.  When we confess our lack and our need for God, He will bend down and lift us up once again.

When Jesus comes again He will separate the sheep nations from the goat nations.  The sheep nations are those who have been faithful to Him.  

Let's stay a sheep nation.

Restoring God to Our Lives, Our Country


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