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Agenda 21 - What Is It All About?

from (we couldnít say it any better)

If you have lived in western Montana for any length of time, you can't help but wonder why so many more forest areas are now gated that used to be open? Why are logging projects shut-down in the courts even in cases involving salvage harvesting after fire? Why has the Canadian MacKenzie Valley Gray Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis), a species not even native to Montana, been introduced here? Why are more and more lands, being closed to any use other than wilderness? Why are timber mills closing and the mining jobs gone? What is all this talk about a "Carbon Footprint" and why canít I build my house here or there?

You've probably heard some of the buzzwords "wildlife corridors"; "conservation easements" and "land trusts"; "sustainable development", "sustainable communities"; "smart growth" or "smart development"; "public/private partnerships" and everything "green". As someone who enjoys the outdoors, who wants to be a good steward of the environment and who wants to carry over these legacies to our children and future generations, some of these things sound good but what are they really all about? Why do they matter?

These terms come from an initiative of the United Nations (UN) called "Sustainable Development Agenda 21" which is a global political ideology being implemented upon many levels of government in the United States and around the world. No, this is not some well-oiled conspiracy theory but a plan right out in the open. Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter set of UN goals signed by the United States at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro by George H.W. Bush. It was never ratified in the United States (US) Senate, although it has been implemented via Executive Order by all Presidents since. Agenda 21 lays out the requirements for sustainable development for every nation, including the US. The result is the regulation of virtually every aspect of human interaction with the environment. Americas founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights) would take a back seat to the UN perspective on the environment. The ultimate goal is to separate people from the land, reduce the population, get folks out of rural communities and into areas where their housing, activities and actions can be controlled.

Take some time, do a little research on your own, and/or listen to what others who have already done the homework have to say. There is a purpose behind these terms and why these things are happening. The answers are nothing short of alarming. The purpose of this page is to provide some links to resources that will help you learn what is going on and what you can do about it.

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