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Essentials of Home Security



We all know how important home security is and how important it is to follow the necessary steps to make sure our home and our families are safe and protected. There are a number of possible ways to increase the security level of your home. This article will talk about the most essential home security issues and the main steps that will help you to protect your home in a more efficient manner. It is important that you spend some time improving your home security. This work and the time that you spent will pay off by providing you with a home that is protected from many possible dangers. The harder you make it for the burglar to break into you house, the less chances there will be that a break in will be attempted and the more chances there will be that a burglary in progress will be stopped.

The first step is to take an inventory of your property and your valuables. Make sure that you have all the identifying information for your valuables (like serial numbers). If it is possible to store the most expensive items in the bank, do that. If not, make sure they are protected in a safe and are in a hidden place. In case of a burglary attempt it will be much easier for the police to find your stolen items if you provide them will all the inventory and item identification information.

It is essential that you install some type of alarm system. It is even better when your alarm system includes fire detection and protection equipment. Not everyone can afford to install an advanced alarm system, but at least a simple system with a siren needs to be installed. If you can spend a little more money on the alarm, you should think about installing motion detectors and signing up for the alarm and fire monitoring service. Video surveillance is a good addition to an alarm system but is usually costly.

Make sure that you doors and windows are strong and secure and that you have proper locks installed. If it is necessary, enforce your doors with additional (including electronic) locks and with a steel inside plate for more protection. If your windows have standard locks and regular glass installed, you should change the locks to more secure ones and replace the regular glass with an enforced hard to break glass. Especially enforce the glass sliding doors, if you have any. The doors for your shed and the entry gate also need to be checked for security problems and enforced, if necessary. All these steps will ensure that your home is protected from possible break in attempts.

If your area does not participate in a neighborhood watch program, talk to your neighbors about starting one. This is essential since the community with a watch program in place is many times more secure then the community without one. Your neighbors will surely agree to spend a little of their time to watch after each other and to make their neighborhood a more secure place to live in. This is an easy security improvement since you will be assisted by your local police department and will be provided with all the necessary information on how to start and improve the program. An additional benefit is the fact that you will communicate with your neighbors more and will have someone to help you with your security efforts when you are away from home or are on a long trip or vacation.

You should also be very careful when talking to strangers. If someone you donít know asks a lot of questions about you, your neighbors or your area, make sure you donít give out the security information and report this case to your neighbors and your local patrolling officer. When someone you donít know asks to enter your house, check that persons identification and make sure that that this stranger is indeed who he claims he is. There are many burglars who may try to trick you to enter your house without actually breaking in. You should also never give out any important information when you are talking to a stranger on the phone. For example, if someone asks you for your detailed daily schedule information, never give it out.


Home Security Resources


Home Security Checklist.pdf
Emergency Preparedness Guidebook.pdf

†††††††††††††††† †† Retreat Security Checklist

[†† ]†††††††††† Neighbor/Family Check/Support/Report System


[†† ]†††††††††† Complete the Home Security Checklist (above)


[†† ]†††††††††† Consider investing in a total propane backup system

†††††††††††† stove, †† lamp,† mini refrigerator [about .5 bottle used per †††††††††††† day with mini-refrigerator])


[†† ]†††††††††† House Standby Generator


[†† ]†††††††††† Pipe Heaters, Wood Burning Stove, HD Hair Dryers

[†† ]†††††††††† People Shelter - Safe Area Creation/Designation and †††††††††††† Reinforcement


[†† ]††††††† Safe Fire Clearing Around House (including 

†††††††††††† firewood storage way away from house or building),

†††††††††††† ability † to seal up a house,† fireproof a house


[†† ]†††††††††† Waterproof a house, Earth dam walls, Dwelling

†††††††††††† Elevation.


[†† ]†††††††††† Sand Bags (a temporary solution), landscaping† (a

†††††††††††† permanent solution)


[†† ]†††††††††† Water Purifier. Hand operated, expedition type,†

†††††††††††† Typically available through better camping supply

†††††††††††† stores, read instructions, have extra filter cartridges.


[†† ]†††††††††† Emergency fire fighting system (small trailer with water †††††††††††† tank, generator, pump, hose, fire suppressant chemical

†††††††††††† they work!!!)


[†† ]†††††††††† Big Fans


[†† ]†††††††††† One way sewage flow valve


[†† ]†††††††††† Plan for gathering and storing loose outdoor/lawn items - †††††††††††† a good responsibility for kids.


[†† ]†††††††††† Document Storage (Waterproof/Fireproof containers, †††††††††††† Complete Offsite Way Away Remote Digital Storage)


[†† ]†††††††††† Plan for shutting down utilities, quickly


[†† ]†††††††††† Spare Circuit Breakers


[†† ]†††††††††† Ensure Safety of Livestock


[†† ]†††††††††† Pet ID, vaccination, photos, papers, carrier,† keep close

†††††††††††† for evacuation


[†† ]†††††††††† Other